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Boca Raton Jeweler

Jewelry Appraisal

As the markets continue to rapidly change, it is important now more than ever to update your insurance policies. The purpose of a written jewelry appraisal is strictly for insurance purposes. The jewelry appraisal value is the price you should expect to pay to replace that item in the unlikely event that your jewelry gets damaged, lost, or stolen.

Jewelry Appraisers

When you sit down for your jewelry appraisal you will be seated in the privacy of our own Florida Jewelry Appraisal Viewing Room. The process for appraising your jewelry involves careful study of your jewelry, documenting all dimensions, weight, and style of your jewelry or fine watch. Our in house jewelry appraisal specialist is on hand to evaluate those items that are special to you and make sure that you are protected in the unlikely event that your jewelry gets damaged, lost or stolen. Call our Florida Jewelry Appraisal Specialists today to schedule your appointment.



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Boca Raton Jewelry Boca Raton Jewelry

Raymond Lee Jewelers complies with Florida state law stating we can legally charge up to, but not greater than, 25% interest per month equaling 300% APR. However, Raymond Lee Jewelers normally charges a fraction of that. We have the lowest interest rates in South Florida.

The implications for non-payment include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Interest payments for any months missed are due. If the loan is in default previous month's interest payments are void.
2. We will try to contact you via phone, email, or text message to try to collect payment.
3. There is no impact on your credit score for a defaulted pawn loan.
4. Monthly interest payments act as renewals, extending the loan 30 days when a full interest payment is made. There is no renewal fee.

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